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The Sucker™

The Sucker™ converts store bought water bottles into baby bottles.

Simply remove the lid from the water bottle and screw on the Sucker™.

The Sucker™ comes with it’s own little carry container so you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty. It can be re-used over and over. Simply treat it as you would a normal teat and keep it in your handbag or baby bag. You never know when it will come in handy.


Converts store bought water bottles into baby bottles by simply removing the lid from the water bottle, and screwing on the Sucker™.


Remove lid from water bottle and screw sucker in its place.

Baby Sticky Bowl

The baby sticky bowl has been designed to be used with existing crockery to keeps bowls secure on highchairs and benches to help ensure there are no more up turned bowls.


Sticks baby bowls & plates to high chairs and benches.
Encourages baby’s confidence with self feeding.
Keeps bowls secure so there’s no more up turned bowls.


Simply place baby sticky bowl onto table, bench or other eating surface, then place crockery on to sticky bowl ensuring an airtight fit.

As seen on the ABC New Inventors show, the Baby Sticky Bowl is a 100% Australian invention which has been designed to stick baby bowls and plates to a flat surface. This product is taking off worldwide due to its sheer simplicity and practicality!

The Baby Sticky Bowl is perfect for busy parents with twins as the design allows you to keep your twins' feeding bowls secure so there are no more upturned bowls (preventing messy floors and wasted food), and it encourages their confidence with self-feeding.

One side is bigger than the other so that it can accommodate a larger range of bowl sizes, and the product is made from high quality silicone, making it completely food safe.

The Sticky Bowl was featured on ABC's The New Inventors in April 2007, where it won the judges vote as well as the People’s Choice Award.

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