We create innovative baby products such as those you see below. This includes the popular baby mosquito wipes, mosquito writsbands, patches and stop itch products, through to sticky bowls, suckers and more.

Mum Central Special
Mum Central Special $6.95 + shipping The Sucker™ The Sucker™ converts store bought water bottles i..
$12.95 $6.95
Ex Tax: $6.95
Kids Mosquito Bands - 2 band pack
A kids size mosquito band that is silicon based and can be worn on the wrist that helps keep mosquit..
Ex Tax: $7.23
Kids Mosquito Bands - Value Pack
A kids size mosquito band that is silicon based and can be worn on the wrists that helps keep mosqui..
Ex Tax: $18.14

Mosquito Patch - Box of 10 patches, each patch approx. 3.5cm in diameter
Now you can get the Mosquito Patch repellent online This product is an adhesive patch that can be p..
Ex Tax: $9.05
Buy Mosquito Wipes
Our mosquito repellent wipes are a soft and gentle wipe that can be applied directly to the skin and..
Ex Tax: $9.05
Mosquito Click - Stops Itches and Stings
To easily eliminate the sting, itch and swelling, Intelligent Health Systems offers Mosquito-Click –..
Ex Tax: $18.14

Kids Forehead Thermometer - with teddy bear and batteries included
The Forehead thermometer scans the forehead area for the temporal artery and it is almost impossible..
Ex Tax: $72.68
Travel John Disposable Urinal
Portable Disposable Urinal TravelJohn disposable urinal is a convenient, sanitary, discreet and com..
Ex Tax: $11.77