About Us

Intelligent Health Systems is the world leader in providing the most effective range of “wear” and treat protection. We are proud to introduce botanical, non-toxic products with scientifically proven effectiveness. Our range allows all ages and skin types to be protected effectively and naturally. Our focus is to bring practical, family friendly and affordable products to our customers. We are an Australian owned company and pride ourselves on our customer service.


Everyone suffers from annoying outdoor and winged pests. We scaled the globe to find an easy and effective way to enjoy being outdoors, but still family friendly and environmentally conscious. We test all our products, so that our range is the best for our effective conscious customers. We are Australian owned, and don’t sell anything we wouldn’t put on our own kids. Not only do we offer you family safe products, we also like to give back to our world. Every purchase enables us to donate monthly to UNICEF, and Save the Children, which gives vulnerable children the future they deserve. This donation from purchases helps to break the cycle of poverty, so children can survive, thrive and have a better future. Together we can make a significant difference to the world’s most vulnerable children.




No matter what you love doing outdoors or at home, we hope that we can help you enjoy what you love doing, no matter what your age. We offer you practical solutions to everyday issues. Mosquito Bands, Mosquito Patches, Mosquito Wipes & Mosquito Repellers. Just wear it on your wrists or put it onto your clothing and all you need to do is enjoy yourself and your time outdoors.


We are continually adding to our already successful range of 100% natural mosquito products and consumer health related products. They are all unique and market leaders. Practical solutions from newborn to adult.